My Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Jacksonville

When I came to Jacksonville, I am surprised to see that many of my classmates say that they enjoy eating Sushi. I am pleased to know that so, one day I dine with them to eat Sushi. However, it was not the Sushi that I am expecting, but instead, a California Maki. This proves what I read in that Americans has a different definition of sushi than us. Regardless, we had fun, and the Maki is delicious, but I am still craving for the authentic Japanese Sushi that we got back home.

I continue searching for of other Japanese Restaurants, but none of them can satisfy my taste buds. The long search finally ended when I came across with “Okinawa Japanese Grillhouse & Sushi Bar.” It is located at 4403 Roosevelt Blvd., about 20-minute drive from my school. I honestly wondered why I discovered it just a few months ago.

Anyway, my favorite sushi at Okinawa Japanese Grillhouse & Sushi Bar are Naruto Roll, and Ninja Roll. Their names surely don’t sound any authentic Japanese sushi at all, but their taste is close to what I’m looking for. Both are priced at  $8.50 and $6.95, respectively.

If you are living in Jacksonville or just traveling around, why not pay Okinawa Japanese Grillhouse & Sushi Bar a visit for authentic Japanese Family Restaurant experience. I guarantee that it is the best Japanese Restaurant in Jacksonville, and your stay will be worth it!

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