Why I chose Jacksonville University?


I would love to share these two important clips with everyone. It is about my school, Jacksonville Unversity. I honestly found these videos a long time ago, three years to be exact. Ok, I might sound shallow, but I am very thankful for the people who made these videos. Why? Because it helped me a lot with my decision-making.

I am confident that I will get a Social Science degree, but I am extremely confused on which university. I took three other universities entrance exams, all of which I passed. Thankful, but at the same time, the results even make me more confused. All of them are good schools with an excellent academic profile, so the quality of the education is not the problem, but one thing that stood up to me is how beautiful the campus of the Jacksonville University is.

I spent most of my life in Yamanashi, a landlocked Prefecture surrounded by valleys and high mountains. That’s why I earnestly long for beautiful beaches. I always dream that the sea is just my neighbor, and I want to spend my day after school sitting in the sand watching the sunset. Jacksonville University is only 15 minutes away from the Ocean. I remember one time in Summer, I got so excited, and I ran all the way from my dorm. It only took me 8 minutes, but I learned my lesson after that. I got so tired that I need to wait one hour to recover my breath.

Okay, no doubt that JU’s accessibility to the beach is the most significant factor in why I chose it. But, of course, there are other smaller yet, significant reasons. Aside from being near to the ocean, Jacksonville University is also near to the city. In fact, the city is even nearer than the beach. JU is only 10 minutes away from where the action and employment are happening that is why, I feel that I got a balance of education, leisure, and work.

Another reason is diversity, Jacksonville University represents 92 countries and 50 states. Everyone is welcome here, and I indeed feel welcomed. Also, you can be you. You are free to choose from 19 Sports divisions and 90 student organizations. Pursue what you want. Join whatever club you are interested in. Even if you are not good at it, club advisers co-members and the whole JU community will be there to support you.

I hope that my blog post somehow assisted you in your university search. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below or send me a message.

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